Final Review for Geography1. (Play Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America)

3. Review test #1
4. Review test #2

Assignments for Geography:

Final Review HomeworkFinal Review MapCountries of the World ReviewFinal Exam Study Guide

Latin America HomeworkWhite MapSouth America PacketPink MapBlue MapReviewing the Map of Latin AmericaLake NicaraguaWest IndiesLatin America Study Guide

Europe HomeworkEurope Slide NotesEurope Slide Notes IINumbered Map of EuropeScandanvia on the MapMaking of the UKFrance and Belgium on the MapEurope Quiz Study GuideSpain and Portugal on the MapRhine RiverNorthern EuropePhysical FeaturesDanube RiverRecognizing European CountriesGeographical Features of EuropeWater, Islands and MountainsLocating Features by DirectionEU worksheet (pages 17-20 only)Where in Europe?Map Packet on Europe (this is the Pretest, Physical Features, etc. with the yellow sheet everyone was saying was not posted on my website*)Crossword Review Puzzle

Muslim World HomeworkWhat is Judaism? worksheetMiddle East PowerPoint NotesSW Asia on the MapAral Sea WorksheetNumbered Map of the Middle EastIsrael and its NeighborsDead Sea WorksheetWar on Terror WorksheetSuez Canal and Persian Gulf WorksheetColored Map of the Middle East MapMiddle East Crossword PuzzleMiddle East Review SheetNorth Africa Slide NotesNorth Africa on the MapGuided Reading Acitivity on North AfricaContent Vocabulary Review worksheetWhere in the World? worksheetMap ReviewIsrael

Sub-Saharan Africa HomeworkCentral Africa on the MapSouth Africa on the MapColored Map of Sub-Saharan Africa (2nd page)

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Review Games for US
Civil War
Colonial Challenge

Civil War Review Game

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Maslow questions
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