Introduction to Psychology

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Webquest on Learning and Cognition
Classical Conditioning (AP Psychology)
  1. Search the web for information on Classical Conditioning
    1. Write down a few main points defining Classical Conditioning
    2. Visit the website:
      1. Read the article (on right) about Ivan Pavlov.
      2. Play the Pavlov’s Dog game.
      3. Can you think of any other situations as to which one can become Classically conditioned?
Operant Conditioning (AP Psychology)
  1. Search the web for information on Operant Conditioning
    1. Write down a few main points defining Operant Conditioning
    2. Visit the website:
      1. Following directions on positive reinforcement
How does Classical Conditioning (Pavlov) differ from Operant Conditioning (Skinner)?

What is Psychology?
Webquest on Psychology Careers

The Brain

Biological Psychology Notes
Types of Neurons (from Neuroscience for Kids)
Neural Impulse 3D animation
Neural Messages Module
Neuron Video (Khan Academy)
Label the Neuron
Make a Pipe Cleaner Neuron
Neuron Website
Neuron Review Test
The Importance of a Wrinkled Cortex
Left Brain or Right Brain Quiz
Article--Hemispheric Specialization
Hemispheric Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
Split-Brain Video Clip
Make a PlayDoh Brain Triorama
Brain Anatomy with Pink and the Brain
Neuron Introduction Class Activity
Neuron Dollar Bill Drop
Label the Brain
Dissecting a Sheep Brain Video
Hungar & the Fat Rat Module
Brain Study Guide (click on worksheet at bottom)

Sensation and Perception

Helen Keller Video Clip
Sensation & Perception Notes
Sensation & Perception PowerPoint
Sensation Powerpoint 1
Sensation Powerpoint 2
Perception Powerpoint
Optical Ilusions PowerPoint
Color Psychology Webquest
Visual Illusions Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
The Other Senses (Notes)
Cow Eye Dissection
Auditory Learning Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
Crossword Review

Approaches to Psychology

Approaches Notes
Pics Matching Worksheet
Chapter 1 Outline


Research Methods Notes
Skittles Experiment
Complete Step 4: Determining the hypothesis and variables
Ethical Issues Worksheet
Milgrim Questions
Stanford Prison Experiment Questions (chose 10 to answer)


Learning Notes
Classical Conditioning Worksheet
CC Examples
CC Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
Case Study: Little Albert
Create Your Own CC Experiment
How Are Superstitions Learned?
Operant Conditioning Worksheet
OC Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
Shaping Worksheet
Schedule of Reinforcement Worksheet
Violence in the Media
Review: Learning


Personality Notes
Theories of Freud
Description of the 16 Types
Verifying Your Type Preferences
Personality Style Inventory
Create Your Own Personality Test
Defense Mechanisms Worksheet
Defense Mechanisms Video
Id, Ego, Superego Worksheet
Personality Disorders Worksheet
Freudian Children's Book
The Civilizing of Genie

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology Notes
Genie video
Lost Children of Rockdale Country questions


Consciousness Notes
EEG and Sleep Stages Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
Stages of Sleep Worksheet
Sleep Crossword
Case Study: Hypnosis
Case Study: A Breath of Fresh Air
The Science of Meditation


Class Exercises


Intelligence Notes
Multiple Intelligences Test
Simple IQ Test

Psychological Disorders

Disorders Notes
Disorders Powerpoint
Diagnosing Disorders Worksheet
Treatment Powerpoint
Case Studies Assignment
more case studies
Mystery Client Module
Childhood Disorders Webquest & chart
Mental Disorders List

Motivation and Emotion

Emotion Module (click on worksheet at bottom)
Great Lesson Plans
Emotion Lesson Plan
Japanese vs. American facial reading article

Social Psychology

Social Notes
Brown Eyed Blue Eyed Experiment Video
Oprah Video on above experiment
White Doll Black Doll Experiment Video
Dead Poet's Society Clip
Conformity Candid Camera Video
Asch Experiment Video


What's Eating Gilbert Grape


Psychology in the News
Creative Thinking Activity
Inference vs. Observation